Welcome bii Me

The major advantage of Bii Me over other shopping platforms is the mobility and flexibility it provides to all Buyers, Sellers and Service Providers and automatically connects using mobile devices, and computers. The BiiMe works 24X7 and will send email or text message when there is a match between buyers and sellers interests based on price, location, and distance from the current location.

The BiiMe platform allows buyers to specify the price they would like to pay and the shopping distance of any where from 0 mile to any specified miles from their current location.

The BiiMe also offer our unique "M-Shops," a low cost business alternative that allows items and services to be sold loaded on to cell phone merchandise system. This will expand market possibilities for all interested businesses and consumers without incurring additional costs associated with physical location and infrastructure.

The BiiMe will also provide a virtual location based advertising platform that will help businesses take advantage of advertising in GPS based searches without having a physical location in a particular city or zip code.

The items of interest reside on cell phone as well as in our central database. Once items and services of interest are uploaded, BiiMe will immediately start scanning other cell phones, computers and the central database on the mobile shopping network. When BiiMe locates a match both buyers and sellers are sent contact information by an email or text.